About Us

Burleigh Pavilion Catering and Events creates a truly memorable experience with our premium food offering and catering service by our award-winning Executive Chef, and friendly welcoming service staff.

Our Events Team specialise in catering for large groups, and will help you create your special wedding, corporate event, or private celebration with our delicious food and beverage menus at a venue of your choosing on the Gold Coast, Brisbane or Byron Bay region.

Our Executive Chef ~ Guillaume Zika

Guillaume Zika is the Executive Chef at the Burleigh Pavilion Group who has over 20 years of international culinary experience.

Following his cooking education and training in France, he spent his formative years working in various Michelin Starred restaurants in both Paris and Côte d’Azur until 2008, when he began his international stints in New York and London.

In 2014 he became Executive Chef at fine dining restaurant, Cottage Point Inn, located in Sydney’s north for three years, where he earned two Australian Good Food Guide Chef Hats, and began his journey and love affair with Australia.

Since 2018 Zika has been applying his cooking philosophy of fresh, simple, and memorable food on the Burleigh Pavilion Group’s menus, which include The Tropic Restaurant, Burleigh Pavilion, as well as off-site catering and events.

Inspired by the ocean surrounding the venues, Zika has created a Mediterranean and modern Australian menu at The Tropic where he gravitates to Australia’s best fish and seafood as hero menu dishes.

Catering Packages

To help get you started, we have put together several catering packages we know work well. We understand most events are unique and we are more than happy to customise our packages to suit.